28 August 2009

girls girls

trying to get back into posting so here are two sketches. I might use the right one for a painting or something...if I find a way to include it into anything interesting

23 July 2009


after a long time I felt like playing with some watercolor

20 June 2009

self portrait at 100 years old

my entry for Phil McAndrew's contest

13 June 2009


I sketched a bunch of these faces today...they look a little unhealthy but I enjoyed playing with colors. No use of references or anything, I was not interested in a correct anatomy.

10 June 2009

09 June 2009

Craving for IF

This week's word is "craving" - Illustration Friday

07 June 2009

What a mess!

I will be working on these next week; maybe something comes out of this mess :D

04 June 2009

IF - Adapt to a fast life

digital for this week - illustration friday "adapt"

03 June 2009

01 June 2009

Werewolf's Curse scene 1

Act 1 Scene 1 of "The Werewolf's Curse, OR Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" a totally outrageous supernatural comedy by Billy St. John and Directed by Sharon V. Willis. Produced by Trident Technical College and the Charleston Clemente Players (April 2009). Everyone volunteered trying to raise money for the Clemente Course.
You can see some of my work in the background. I had a great team helping me create the scenery. There are 10 wood panels (not sure about the exact size but they are pretty big :D ) painted on both sides with acrylics.


video edited by Jake W. Dawsey


family portrait - details


played around with some square brushes - oil

25 May 2009

older bracelet

I made this when I was in high school... just found it in a box and I like the colors.


two more guys ....getting ready for my oven

24 May 2009

in progress

I'm not sure where these guys will end up

22 May 2009

fortune cookie

"there are no limitations in imagination"

on my -to do- list

future oil painting


details of my new painting. I'll post it when it's finished

Beads therapy


old lady

I made this last fall - super sculpey


... so I gave him some color

sandman/mos ene

this guy was a little pale

little guy

I thought I should start with this little guy.